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  • Poem: Арал теңиз ултанинан кеп турман

    Poem: Арал теңиз ултанинан кеп турман

    With our logo contest, we were also sent a video from a young Karakalpak poet, Aydos Umirbaev. We loved the poem and wanted to share it and a short interview with the poet. We would love translations of this poem in the other langues of this website – please contact us if you can help!…

  • Website: Three River Stories

    Website: Three River Stories

    This website shares stories from the Syr Daryo and Naryn rivers at five different sites from three different perspectives (human, non-human, and alternative). A group of researchers studied transboundary water issues in the Aral Sea basin for four years and then created this amazing digital exhibition. “The stories of how humans and other beings like…