Fish and Fur

Story from: unknown Documented by:: Gulzhan Yermekova, Nora Heinonen / Date: 2022-01-25 16:03:37 / Stories / Pillars: History Home

Moynaq is know for what it used to be, a major fishing town. This old, poetic video shows that it also had a fur industry. Kate of the BC team came across the video in a local Telegram group Суратлардаги тарих, “history in pictures”.

Translation of the Russian commentary in the video, by Gulzhan Yermekova:

Quietly we listen to the sounds of the sea, Moynaq. The city of fisherpeople.

It is very far from the intersection of the large roads of the country, but it is in the middle of two major winds. One from the north, full of fresh air from the Sea. The other brings to Moynaq the heat of the hot sands from the south.

Although there are not so many people on this land, there are only few places where people would understand nature so clearly and would be as close to it as here. Its untouched nature turned out to be extremely suitable for a fur farming.

And now in the Amu Darya delta it is lunch hour. What can we say, even nutria likes the right regimen (correct diet).

The Aral Sea is spacious for the waters of all the rivers of Uzbekistan, merging them here together.

And again, I went to the sea. This time to the Seinakh (?) Flotilla, this is already a real fishing expedition. At that time when the Aral Sea darkens from the shoals of Shamai, walking along its ancient paths, the fast Seinakh for a long time becomes the home for the fisherman.

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